Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Chinese Bullying Totally Unacceptable!

Regular readers of this blog on politics may remember I wrote about The Hong Kong Crisis in August 2019. Since then China has continued to show a very sharp knife towards Hong Kong. Even though there is a promise of local autonomy until 2047, it's starting to show that China wants to remove any and all special status regulations BEFORE 2047. In light of this, the UK administration cancelled their extradition agreement with Hong Kong for the obvious reason that Hong Kong can no longer be considered an independent area with sound rules of law and order in a democratic spirit.

This has enraged China, who has now threatened that this action will have consequences as China reserves the right to consider this an 'internal matter'...

The Rule of Law

One of the most important elements in democracy is that you treat people decently and correctly, regardless of whether you agree with them. That has not always been the recipe for the Chinese government.

In fact, the massacre on Tiananmen Square in 1986 was the first event that really sparked my interest for politics. I was 16 at the time. Seeing a government opposing demonstration in such a violent manner was a travesty to any and all democratic thoughts. The events in Hong Kong only add fuel to that fire...

Bullying Tactics Won't Succeed!

Threatening the UK with 'consequences' is no way to treat the United Kingdom. An agreement was signed in 1997, and even though the current Chinese government may disagree with promises made, a gentleman's agreement must be honored by both parties involved.

The Chinese may believe they can win by closing imports of British products, and they may even threaten countries that sympathize with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but that tactic won't work either. All countries need to start building on the original principles of the United Nations.

Co-operation beats bullying at any and all times, and it is a major concern that the Chinese haven't understood this. Tibet is a case in point. Chinese has much explaining to do, and even though we only rarely see the United Nations speaking in ALL-CAPITALS to the Chinese, there is a limit to what we can all accept in terms of democracy and the freedom of the people...

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