Thursday, June 18, 2020

The New Book by John Bolton - Helped by Trump Attempt to Stop It

The book The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir by former National Security Advisor John Bolton is probably being preordered at a steady pace now that Trump has tried to stop the publication of this book.
It is quite funny that a Donald Trump, who only won his presidency because of a majority in the Electoral College, while losing in the popular vote with at least three million votes, who has called every single member of his cabinet "wonderful" when chosen and "awful, bad etc" when removed, is spending time trying to stop a book that claims to reveal issues in his administration.

When You Act Emotionally, You Stop Thinking Rationally

It is a given that Donald Trump is ruled by his emotions. If he had spent just a few short moments thinking rationally, he would have realized that every single book about him were boosted by his antagonism. He boosted an increasing demand by his fear of being ridiculed.

He has done so every single time he is faced with someone who disagrees in ANY form with his administration. When I wrote this article entitled Politics Is Getting Nastier By the Day only a few days after his inauguration, little did I realize it would be almost prophetic in the comparison with Francis Underwood in House of Cards.

We have seen how crazy Trump has acted in his first term, and that begs the question: what will happen IF he were to gain a second term?

The aspects of that question are not fun anymore. It is serious business, and restructuring The White House will be a huge task for a new President. Respect for democracy is at an all-time low. Donald Trump has destroyed every aspect of the office by his angry tweets, and this needs to be restored for America to come back to its former glory.

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