Friday, June 5, 2020

Police Forces - A Global Problem

We have all watched the video where George Floyd was killed during an arrest in Minneapolis. It is a travesty against justice when people are treated badly by any police force. It was so true when one of the chief speakers said that for each of these terrible five minutes, the assisting policemen COULD have intervened. When they didn't, they were indeed part of the problem...
President Trump never quite understood what happened. Focus was immediately cast on looters and violent demonstrators, but those actions were only a result of a systemic problem. Nobody agrees with looting or demonstrating with violence. It goes WITHOUT saying!

What the President should have recognized was that there IS a need to investigate and reform who we give a badge to. There ARE people who simply can't handle being given power. They use it against their own people, and don't handle situations according to their severity, but in some cases over-react.

This is not just an American problem. All nations can recognize that this is a global problem.

There ought to be a psychologic profile of each and every policeman, regardless of color or age. A police badge must only be given to a person that understands the importance of ALWAYS acting according to law. All democratic nations need a task force that is automatically involved when people are hurt during arrests or during incarceration.

Even the appearance of any evil could be avoided if everybody knew that they would have to face a board each time they use excessive power. It SHOULD be something that would be applauded by the police officers themselves, as this would also increase their authority and respect in societies all over the world.

Many will quench this by their own agendas. They are talking off-topic because they won't recognize the need to change current behavior, and that is a shame, because then these awful actions will just be repeated.

Democracy requires of all of us that we respect law and order, and that requires us all to behave decently, even when stopping criminals. Any less is a breach with the fundamentals of democracy.

I wish all readers a good weekend. :-)

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