Monday, March 30, 2020

The Corona Virus Took World Leaders By Surprise - Not Just Another Flu...

If there is ONE thing this Corona crisis has taught us, it's that politicians don't know much about virology. Just like doctors should stay away from politics, so politicians should stay away from playing doctors!

No one wants to overlook a pandemic that costs thousands of lives. However, some of them clearly didn't take it seriously enough!

This is serious business, and should definitely become a part of crisis handling in all countries. We need clear guidelines all over the world as even statesmen get infected. Most recently UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson...

Most surprisingly, even  a Corona pandemic couldn't wake up the American President Donald Trump. He just throws around a few numbers and guesses/hopes US fatalities could stay below 200,000. It seems so strange to be living in a world where a fool is running The White House. I am actually sorry that world politics is in this limbo while Trump rules, but all sense of normal has been disabled since 2017 at so many levels.

We can only look forward to the day when this pandemic is over, and then that Trump is voted out in November at the American elections.

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