Friday, January 3, 2020

Killing of Foreign Officials

I know we have seen this before. When news hit that an Iranian general was killed yesterday, we no longer frown upon this. We hear of explanations citing that it was done due to previous attacks, and oftentimes, we just accept that this probably justifies the counterattack.

It is quite thought-provoking, because actually we should ask ourselves why escalations of conflicts is the chosen way...

Could we do things differently?

Can we ever reach lasting peace when we do things the same way?

Albert Einstein phrased it well: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."

We can kid outselves for so long that we no longer consider the sanity of previous actions.

We often hear that we are JUSTIFIED in acting in a certain way, and that is pure balloney!

I liked the way Roger Waters said it, when he wrote the song What God Wants, because he spoke out very clearly against the thought of using divine justification for any action of war or aggression. In fact blaming any deity for any action is denying the fact that we all make CHOICES. We choose whether to move on, or whether we will continue in the path of revenge...

Aggressive people will often fuel the general polarization on SoMe, because they will ask: "What should we do then, when some simply won't stop being aggressive?"

It is a fair question.

But it is also the wrong question.

We should RETHINK the whole system. What is the point of countries uniting at meeting in the United Nations, when they are unwilling to be peacemakers themselves? THAT is the forum for democratic nations. Talking in a civilized tone about what goals we SHOULD have for the planet?

We COULD continue down the current path, and deny the suggestion I make, but then we WILL inevitably reach a triggering event that will ignite World War III. This is no joke! It's darn serious business, and world leaders should begin acting as leaders rather than tyrants, and this goes for ALL nations irrespective of their language or position on the planet...

Wishing you all a good weekend. :-)

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