Saturday, November 9, 2019

Thirty Years Ago: The Fall of the Berlin Wall

All who remember the fall of the Berlin Wall are sobered by the many things that have happened since Germany reunited. It is a good thing for Europe that the EU united with former so-called East European countries. In many ways, Europe has become a more diversified continent. But there are challenges.

Some of the East European countries have been challenging countries in the sense that their understanding of democracy is somewhat different from what we in the West European countries define as democracy. Namely the rights of minorities...

There WILL be a need to redefine the way we cooperate across the EU, and that will be a challenge we need to face in the immediate future. It could be said that it is at the forefront of the agenda once Britain has found whether it will complete Brexit with or without a deal.

The fall of the Berlin Wall redefined Russia. It redefined Poland, Hungary and Romania. In these countries the source of dictatorship is still in their political arenas, and there is a need to respect minority rights. We can all see this because we are at the outside looking in, and we hope there will be a debate where polarization is removed so all can cooperate more closely about all the things that DO make sense.

It is an interesting future ahead...

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