Friday, October 11, 2019

Trump Wants to Negotiate a Truce With Turkey

First, you turn the blind eye to Turkish leader Erdogan's invasion into Syria, where he gets the chance to thread on long-hated Kurdish population. Then, as Turkey proceeds, you start talking about how you left the region because you originally expected it would only take 30 days to solve the crisis, and therefore want to withdraw because it has now taken years...

People quite naturally criticized US President Donald J Trump for his naïveté, and made him aware that Erdogan quite probably would use his talks on a security zone as an excuse for slaughtering the Kurdish people.

Unknown to most - myself included - are the many tribal challenges that goes centuries back between both Turkey and Syria versus the Kurdish people. When Danish journalist Steffen Jensen was interviewed wednesday in a talkshow Lippert on Danish national tv, TV2 News, it became apparent that you could never solve any of this in a month.

What makes this even more potent - and dangerous - is that Erdogan reacted to criticism about his invasion by saying he might release the 3,6 million refugees that the European Union has paid Turkey to keep in camps due to geographic challenges with these many refugees from namely Syria.

What many don't know is that Turkey is a member of the NATO alliance, and threatening other member countries goes against the goals of NATO. General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg (former PM in Norway) will have a meeting with Erdogan later today, and I think many Europeans hold their breath in anticipation of what will happen at this meeting.

The Kurdish people has been an ally in the fight against Daesh - the so-called Islamic State - and it seems like treason to turn the blind eye to what has happened this week.

I will follow up, as more information is released...

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