Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Quantico - What You Can Learn From This Series

If you have had the pleasure of watching the ABC tv series Quantico, you will immediately recognize why I feel this should be addressed on this political blog. I am near the end of season 2, and I must admit that the similarity with reality under Trump IS quite interesting. I fully realize you can't convert fiction into reality on a 1:1 basis, but...

We CAN at least see the warning signs for democracy when we have seen both Quantico and Designated Survivor, because power does corrupt, and some people are willing to do virtually anything once they become obsessed with power.

The problem with freedoms is that once they are lost, you won't ever get them back. History has proven this again and again. When democracies turn into dictatorships, you end up having classes, where some control a lot, and the many have no control whatsoever.

One thing is fiction. It's just exciting and fun to watch, but what happens once reality surpasses fiction?

When people allow themselves to react solely upon the basis of anger or fear, they will end up making irrational decisions. Anyone who has been involved with media knows how this works, and that it is a highly effective factor in deciding who wins elections. SoMe has been effective beyond any marketer's wildest dreams in shaping things into a jungle of good and bad journalism mixed so many can't tell the difference, and misinformation is the result...

If you haven't watched Quantico yet, I warmly recommend you do so. :-)

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