Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Brexit Is a Classbook Example of Poor Negotiation Skills

There is no doubt about the fact that Brexit is a classbook example of poor negotiation skills. The British parliament was completely unprepared when the result of the vote came in. What should they do now? No one had prepared for what such a divorce from the EU would actually entail.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May and her negotiating team went around as headless chicken with numerous meetings in Brusells without reaching anything that was acceptable for the British parliament.

The backstop was an issue anyone could have predicted as one of the primary challenges.

But no one had made any plan for negotiations. They took things as they came along, and in the end challenged the patience of all parties involved. In the end she had to resign.

When Boris Johnson came on the scene, things got even worse. Boris insisted that the UK would leave the EU on October 31st, regardless of whether a new agreement could be reached. Every time news came from Brussels that the agreement could NOT be renegotiated, Boris just stomped over in the corner, and said he was sure he was right.

Brexit has become a joke. There should have been a plan and most definitely a to-do list with some minimum requirements that would get a bipartisan yes from all sides in the British parliament BEFORE negotiations were initiated. If that had been secured, we would not be watching such a farce.

A farce which isn't over yet. Nobody knows what will happen, because the British parliament is suspended for five weeks until October 14th...

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