Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The War on Huawei - Consumer Electronics Clients Are the Victims

It is well-known that many countries have a negative opinion about electronics producer Huawei from China. Their technology in the area of G5 has been declined due to fears of espionage. However, opinions on the national level may now cost private people a lot of troubles - and in this case I am referring to people who own smartphones or tablets from Huawei.

It has been reported that Google will remove the Play icon - and maybe also YouTube and Gmail from Huawei smartphones running the Android operating system. That will be quite a nuisance for most people, as this means that updates will be impossible for those of us who got our mobiles long before the discussion about state espionage even started.

The only doubt at the moment is whether this ban will only affect NEW smartphones and tablets, or whether it can also affect CURRENT owners of Huawei consumer electronics.

In this instance it is actually a combination of a national policy against the Chinese company Huawei that ends up becoming a private ban against Huawei smartphones and tablets - quite a nuisance to put it in the mildest of terms.

This is a really shitty situation for all people involved. It was never the idea that Android became a closed system that was to be used for political or one-sided means. The whole idea behind an open operating system is to be of SERVICE to all.

The reality is, however, that lofty ideals are often squashed once politics is used against specific nations or groups...

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