Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Promise of a Free Wall - Paid For by Mexicans

One designer came up with this proposal for a wall
Every person that remembers what presidential candidate Trump actually said during the elections for the Presidency will remember that his promise of a wall was a wall that would be paid for by Mexicans. When the Mexican government clearly said 'thanks, but no thanks' it wasn't long before he announced that Americans would change the wall into a long network of solar panels - and on and on it went...

Well, President Trump has previously had the majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, and STILL could not get his wall through Congress. Now that the Democrats have the majority in one of the chambers, Donald Trump is mad, in fact VERY mad.

So mad that he left a meeting because he got the same message he has been getting all along. Democrats won't fund his antiquated wet dream of building a wall.

To put it bluntly, why should America spend a fortune for a wall when people like Trump NEED foreign workers - and have used these? And what about the solar panel plan? If it was actually a viable plan, it should have been easy to get it through Congress while the Republicans had the majority...

There is only ONE advice that works, and that is to focus on other stuff, if Trump wants to reclaim even just a microscopic amount of credibility. At this time, the sitting President appears were sexist when he reacts as he does, just because Nancy Pelosi - and her peers - say it as it should be said.

Have a nice day everyone. :-)

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