Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Democrats Should Focus on Unity When Looking Towards 2020

Picture source: Yahoo News
The obvious thing happens, as it has in all former Presidential elections. As time moves towards the 2020 Presidential elections, new candidates announce their entry for nomination as the next Democratic candidate for President of the United States. As this happens, an equally well-known experience is criticism from fellow Democrats.

The Democratic Party should be very careful this time. A lack of unity will be used by sitting President Donald Trump once they move into a top five candidates.

A lack of unity can be used by Republicans to create doubts in the people. From a strategical point of view this is Politics 101. When faced with the fact that tradition bids that the Republicans will let a sitting President run for a second term, there is a need for careful campaigning within the Democratic party.

They simply can't afford to run the show as they did when Bernie Sanders fought against Hillary Clinton. We all know, she won the popular vote by a wide margin of approximately three million, and yet still lost because of the election system with the Electoral College.

2020 is the election that needs to run even smoother, especially in larger states with more seats in that infamous Electoral College. Otherwise we will end up seeing a rerun of the 2016 election - and thus the even worse outcome of seeing Donald Trump sit as President until the 2024 elections.

Strategy can be difficult because people can be colored by their own political standpoint, and therefore many fail to see how criticism of a political competitor can end up as beneficial for your political opponent.

The question is whether the Democrats will remember this? Winning the 2020 election could very well depend on this...

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