Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Brexit Situation - a Never Ending Story

The British people wanted to leave the EU, and we have understood that message loud and clear. Time has been wasted for months trying to give them an amicable exit, and now members of the British parliament are dissatisfied, and that at such a level that the Prime Minister has chosen to delay voting...

Theresa May is in a real catch-22. She took office at a very uncomfortable time where the assignment would be difficult. It has proved FAR more difficult to actually get a deal than Farrage and other critics of the EU could even predict.

And now the same critics are shouting in each their corner for a better deal. There is NO agreement on anything, and the situation is in a deadlock.

I fully understand that the remaining 27 countries are tired of England wanting their cake and eating it at the same time. They still navigate geopolitics as if they were at their height of the Commonwealth, and that is rather ugly to behold.

The entire Brexit campaign was filled with misinformation to begin with, and many of us were rather surprised when we heard that the British people had chosen the road towards isolation. Almost as stupid as the Americans electing Trump into The White House... All the critics jumped ship. Now, it was up to a cabinet to clean up the mess they had caused - and they had no sense of ownership of any guarantees they had issues. It was all a question of negotiating the right way, according to their logic.

Now that the Prime Minister plans to go on a tour of Europe to charm her way into getting a better deal, there is only one thing to say: you should rather prepare the UK for the hard exit in March 2019. You have all gone far too long in the direction of the Brexit agenda, and it should serve as a good example for ANY country that even considers going in the same direction.

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Henrik V Blunck said...

Boris Johnson took over the office of Prime Minister after Theresa May resigned, and now he faces the challenge of losing his majority as MP Phillip Lee went over to the Liberal Democrats under his very speech in the House of Commons...

Boris thinks he can talk his way out of everything. In that way he appears as a British version of the American President, Trump.

Time will tell what happens tomorrow when he faces a vote. He may have to put things into a general election.