Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year - Hopefully New Opportunities For the Better of the People

As New Year sets in at regular intervals all over the 24 time zones, we are reminded that a new year brings 365 new opportunities to make decisions that impact the people of each country. When cooperating in the big international forums, such decisions make an impact on several nations at a time.

We need wisdom in world leaders for the improval of all circumstances - and such a utopia may seem far away, but we could at least HOPE for even just smaller improvements.

Science is working to improve the food situation in underdeveloped nations and cooperation between several groups of scientists are also looking at how we can improve the environment. We need much less fossil fuels, and even though that goal is being worked against by oil lobbies, there is no way around it. Electric cars, busses, trains etc should all rely upon clean electricity.

We need wars to stop all over the globe. It may seem impossible as some regional conflicts have persisted for decades, but something IS rotten when one or both parties in a conflict don't even consider how they can move beyond military conflict.

There is plenty to take care of. My hope is that people will open their eyes. Fire politicians at the ballot box when they aren't taking good care of your interest, and begin that positive change by voting for people who WILL take into account that we should bring a better planet to our kids and grandchildren...

Happy New Year everyone. :-)

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