Monday, November 5, 2018

Tomorrow Is Your Chance to State Your Opinion

Regardless of whether you like the current President in America, it is a fact that tomorrow is your chance to state your opinion. It is so important that you actually vote - make your opinion known.

You have NO right to protest between elections if you don't participate in elections, so my best advice is that you GRAB that chance - and get down to the ballot box to make that statement.

It doesn't matter whether you vote Republican or Democratic. Your opinion is equally important, regardless of your position.

Of course, on a personal level, I think we all have opinions and hopes as to who gets in. When seen from a Danish perspective, I do hope that the Democrats will get a good election. This has EVERYTHING to do with the feeling that Donald Trump aspires to become the worst president ever. Why? Because he is far more focused on slandering every President that came before him than actually DOING something about the problems he talks about.

I was a great fan of the late President Ronald Reagan. Not that he never made mistakes. Everybody makes them! But he was a man of honor, and he was a man who understood that to tear down the old Soviet block, you had to show strength. Not from today's Twitter-slandering perspective, but from a clear position of standing by what was right. He WAS special in the eighties - and during my teenage years back then, I must admit he made a lasting impression.

When going through all the other presidents I have seen, neither Bush nor Clinton made the same impression as did for that matter Barack Obama. But Obama also had areas where he FAILED. Everybody knows that. A Congress that blocked on his promise to shut down Quantanamo in Cuba was NOT a pretty sight.

We all know the areas where presidents have failed.

But we would be far more tolerant towards this if we could at least see an effort to right the wrongs. That is the missing ingredient from politics today.

So, my best advice when you make your decision to vote is that you look at your candidate's willingness to bring about POSITIVE CHANGE rather than the ridiculous pro et con discussion of teasing each other across the Democratic/Republican divide. Positive change IS needed - and it is my hope that America will vote with their hearts, and bring value to politics rather than fighting one another.

Happy election day to all American readers! :-)

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Henrik V Blunck said...

Waking up this morning, we could see the result of midterm elections. The Republican party maintained a majority in the Senate, and Democrats got a small majority in the House of Representatives.

It is a sobering experience for Democrats. It is more important than ever before that Democrats show they can govern, rather than trying to provoke and impeach. Obviously, a small majority is rather different from what was expected by polls and hoped for by Democrat voters...

A time of serious thinking ahead as we will soon be moving into the 2020 electrion race for the Presidential elections.