Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Can You Improve Anything by Leaving?

News that Trump has taken America out of the human rights organization is somewhat telling of how the current President thinks politics is just like running a business. It all SOUNDS good, but is it really the way you create changes?

We saw the same trend when America was taken out of the Paris accord...

The reasoning goes somewhat like: "We think this is bad, bad, SO BAD, and therefore we don't want to take part in it. We're leaving, and if you want us back you need to change!"

Not a single word about WHAT you want to change, but just empty words signalling that everything they haven't proposed is bad - BY DEFINITION!

It is shocking to watch. Especially because it sends all the wrong signals.

A much better way is to work from the inside on IMPROVING the things you wish to change, and actively convince others that your logic is the right one. That takes time. It's true that this can be frustrating, but it's also the rule of the game.

Imagine if every kid in kindergarten or school was taken out because parents felt things should be done THEIR way. We would call that highly selfish, wouldn't we?

It would not bring about any change. The right way to proceed is to be elected into the parental councul, and discuss the issues within that council, and then bring about change in a civilized way.

I admit some like Trump for his new way of doing things, but I would caution that we have all seen just how volatile his views have been in the short time he has been in office. One day, they person he is presented is the most brilliant guy since Einstein - and a few weeks later, Trump had to fire the same person because he or she was just a fool.

It's like watching the Apprentice show. Trump likes to fire people! He feels SO powerful when he can catch the attention from news agencies with yet another idea that came to mind during his morning shower.

World politics can NEVER function at the whim of each country wanting to run the world their way.

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