Wednesday, May 16, 2018

North Korea and Iran - Two Challenges for Us All

North Korea is playing a hugely dangerous game as rumor has it that negotiations with South Korea today were cancelled, and news that the meeting with President Trump may also be cancelled. This is poker with a bad hand. Similarly, Iran's Project Amad is a very dangerous aspect that has been maintained under the radar for purposes that can hardly be called peaceful...

There is something rotten in hidden agendas, and I am quite sure it will soon be clear to world leaders that action will have to be taken before this blows up into actual war.

As I have said on this blog for months, the ONE and single most important meeting between Trump and Putin is still missing. Iran is relying upon Russian support to continue their activities, and the Iranian meddling into both Syria, Iraq and Yemen IS dangerous indeed.

Something will have to be done - the sooner, the better for us all.

We should be able to live decently and in order with one another, but some are blind towards the numerous challenges ahead. The question is whether we will see national security advisors rise up to the challenge, or whether it will remain a Twitter war with words?

We are all holding our breath... :-)

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