Wednesday, January 24, 2018

War Is Never Funny

War is never funny. People who have taken part in a war can attest to that. People get shot, and others get injured. No winners in any war - only losers.

The late Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, reminded us all that once you started something, you should never ever give up. It is one of my favorite quotes, as it can be used in so many aspects of life today.

But war should never be a first choice. It may become a necessary road, but certainly never a road worth walking. Many of our world leaders need to understand that.

I have often been reminded that we have the politicians we deserve. A very unfortunate fact, because a lot of them are only interested in what we say until Election day. Once voted in, they do as they please. It is one of the less fortunate aspects of a democracy - that lying pays too well for people without the decency to put their actions into the same causes they promised only weeks earlier.

What are your thoughts about recent wars? Have we in fact done all we could to avoid war? Do we go about things in ways we have done for decades, expecting new results, when it should long ago be obvious we won't get new results by acting in old ways?

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