Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The American Presidency Is In a Crisis

In continuation of my article Trump Will Be a One-Term President, I think it is safe to say that the office of the American Presidency IS in a crisis. Never has there been more controversy and less respect for any sitting President since Nixon and the Watergate scandal!

These are dangerous times, and a President needs advisers - in fact the very best of them. Even a disgraced President such as Nixon was highly valuable in advising on foreign policy issues for numerous Presidents that succeeded him. But when he died things started to move in a very bad direction for America.

The single most important meeting that SHOULD have been initiated long ago has not yet taken place. The leaders of America and Russia should have taken time to get a good understanding of one another. But this takes more than a couple of hours to achieve - and apparently such a meeting won't happen any time soon...

We have now been through almost a full year with Trump in office, and even the tone on Twitter hasn't improved yet. Everything is divided into fake news, crooked so and so, we are the best and all sorts of in-between comments that would fit a teenager much better than any sitting President.

I HOPE someone could get through to him, because the potential danger of a madman in The White House is far worse than ANY political disagreements one may have over petty issues. America NEEDS good stewardship, but that requires people that think of common good for everyone, not just looking out for themselves...

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