Monday, September 25, 2017

German Elections: Four More Years for Chancellor Merkel

The German elections were held yesterday, just three months before X-mas, and in some respects the results were shocking - in others they were anticipated. AfD  [the far-right Alternative für Deutschland] got approximately 13% of the popular vote. You can read more about the actual result in this article from the Guardian Online entitled Monday briefing: Merkel weakened by surge of far right.

We cannot analyze European countries without remembering history.

When we hear about the far-right in Germany, most of us immediately think of Nazism and the Second World War. What most of us forget is that MOST German are VERY consequential towards their history. They won't have any of the AfD-agenda.

The challenge for that party is that they want to do the same as they have learned from both France, and even Denmark.

In Denmark, the Danish People's Party [Dansk Folkeparti in Danish] have sought a mainstream agenda - much like Le Pen in France. Once something becomes mainstream, it becomes more palatable in the minds of people. The Danish party was founded with a woman at the reins of the party, and that founder is today Chairman of our Parliament here in Denmark!

No one can deny that much has to do with the way we talk about immigrants. There is a clear difference between handling challenges on a common European level, and then trying to denounce people as though they are 'less than human' in a rhetoric with a xenophobic agenda - and that difference is a mindset question we need to be aware of...

Financially, it is a good thing that Merkel can continue as Chancellor in Germany, but the challenges from a screaming far-right CAN be quite worrying to put it in mild terms. The years ahead will tell what happens in Germany. All eyes are focused on handling issues in a decent way, and that focus must never be deviated.

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Henrik V Blunck said...

It must be noted that there are still issues to be discussed for a cabinet to be complete, but no one seems bent on new elections, so a solution is pending. :-)