Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Crisis Can't Be Solved By Censorship

Image from The Odyssey Online about censorship
Image source: The Odyssey Online
We just heard that the Attorney General will aim at finding leaks from The White House and intelligence agencies... Many are wondering what is 'fake news' and what is actually 'true news' at a time when the sitting President has acted in a very strange way, to put it in nice terms. :-)

I won't guess as to WHY a sitting President has done so bad in handling the press, but I am quite sure that these four years WILL adversely affect the business potential for the Trump empire after Trump leaves 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...

People have seen what they get from this man, and news that America WILL withdraw from the Paris accord IS truly surprising if Trump actually wanted to 'Make America Great Again' as he promised when he was a candidate for the office of the Presidency.

No one can argue that he IS the sitting President. Nobody wants to do that anymore as it is quite devoid of any purpose to debate that issue. But what IS worth arguing, IS the question of whether being environmentally sensible is an expense or an asset.

Numerous companies HAVE found that becoming a more environmentally sensible company has become an asset. It creates goodwill among customers, and CAN be a determining factor when you need to decide between two offers in an outsourcing business case.

There is a lot of money to be saved from making use of solar and wind energy. Well, let's put it in simple terms: the sun is shining and the wind is blowing anyway, so why not make good use of it? :-)

What we are watching is an administration in crisis, running to and fro like headless chicken. In a country with approximately 300 million people you can NEVER ensure total confidentiality about policies that have far-reaching results for others. IF Trump was just half as qualified in choosing his people as one would expect from a CEO of a global company, he would have known long ago that you can't handle a nation as you do any single company.

You need to be politically wise to get the right results. We saw that with a President like Ronald Reagan. He said some highly unpopular things, but he said them with a warmth and a smile. Donald Trump could learn a lot from that, but he is unwilling to hire anyone that dares oppose him WHEN he is wrong. That is his single biggest mistake - and blaming the intelligence agencies (who know how to keep secrets) is only going to become a boomerang. Such boomerangs WILL come back with even greater force when you can't handle yourself in a manner appropriate for a President of any nation.

Have a nice weekend everyone. :-)

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