Sunday, June 4, 2017

Terrorists Are Wimps!

Some of the biggest wimps are suicidal, and terrorist organizations take advantage of this psychological aspect. A short time ago, we all heard of Manchester, and last night it appears three men targeted London. Details will surface as Police do their investigations.

It is source of great unrest for those left behind with wounded or deceased family members. On a personal level we all send positive thoughts to them.

Politically, we cannot bow to the terrorist agenda. No one should be allowed to stop free elections, the expression of free thoughts, criticism or any other democratic right we all have here in the west. Unfortunately, some people haven't yet understood that the negative rhetoric serves the purpose Daesh - and other terrorist networks - have.

They have long ago seen that once we leave our fundamental democratic mindset we end up willing to compromise our freedoms. That must never happen!

We will never succumb to any attacks in the name of any religion.

Indeed we never should.

Men and women are all born free, and should be allowed to move freely around as they wish. They should be able to enjoy a concert if they wish - without ever getting attacked by anyone for choosing that.

We must remain faithful to our democratic values. That is the only thing these wimps don't want. They want people to be afraid - but they should never succeed in that agenda.

Warm thoughts to all in these difficult times.

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