Saturday, June 17, 2017

Donald Trump's View on World Politics

Donald J Trump has barely been in office for five months, and he has already caused a lot of chaos. Most recently his antagonism towards cooperation and dialogue with Cuba has been in focus. What is going on right now? Are we watching The Apprentice live? Is the Twitter President a farce? One could in fact ask: is this REALLY what Republicans support since virtually nobody protests in the Republican party?

I have never watched such political stupidity as we are seeing right now. Pardon my wording, but this is TRULY insane!

We have always believed that freedom trumps dictatorship - pardon the pun. You normally achieve more by communicating than by trying to use trade wars or boycuts to get your will. We should have learned that lesson long ago!

Why then, would a sitting President of America - who claims he wants to 'make America great again' - act in the exact opposite form of that principle?

Why are Republican Senators silent? Virtually no one protests - and the few that do know they will be sidetracked politically.

What most have, however, forgotten is that they are supporting a maniac President. Yes, I stand by that term. Whomever goes against this elephant in the china shop will awaken a beast who tries to FORCE his will upon everyone.

And, remember, he did become President due to an Electoral College system - NOT because of winning a majority!

What will fellow Republicans do in 2020? Historically, they are forced to present their sitting President, and if that person is still Donald J Trump at that time, they will lose like they have never lost before.

There is nothing Republican in the way the current President is ruling America - and it is about time to say it like it is. America can very quickly end up in a situation where they are the isolated ex-superpower if this continues.

Trump could perhaps have pulled this off a few decades ago, but new geopolitical opportunities are showing themselves, and with a President who moves around as the wind, there might be other friends you want to cooperate with. This needs to sink into his skull before he fully destroys the America we respected in the Reagan-era.

But I am sure all can see Trump will never be any Reagan-like President. Even suggesting it is almost offensive.

Have a nice weekend everyone. :-)

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