Saturday, May 20, 2017

These Are Ugly Times in US Politics

There can be no doubt about the fact that these are ugly times in US politics. Even Republicans, who are otherwise behind their President, can see this. The firing of FBI director Comey is not any good sign for people who value democratic rights.

Once a crown example of democracy at the foundation of the American dream, these past months have surely changed that. If no fault was to be found, there would be no need to fire anyone, would there?

It brings thoughts of a banana republic when we see the dealings of current US President Donald J Trump. Bragging about firing Comey is about the most stupid thing he could have done thus far, and somehow you have to wonder if he is trying to get into a situation where he can brag while leaving the presidency along the lines of: "I wanted to make America great again, but you guys are not ready to accept the things we need to do to achieve that..."

No one knows what he could be thinking - or whether in fact he even thinks... :-)

This is a big scandal in the making, and quite tragic that he apparently only surrounds himself with people who applaud anything he does. This is typical for weak leaders. They don't like constructive criticism, and it must be rather evident that his business opportunities are over. No serious person wants to do business with a guy who acts as an elephant in a china shop...

Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone.

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