Monday, May 29, 2017

NATO and Climate - Both Are Important

NATO is historically a North Atlantic treaty. From its inception it was centered around western nations, and yet - as numerous nations changed their political systems - it has remained virtually unchanged in terms of who takes part in that alliance. It could be argued that as we face terrorism, we might have an interest in joining forces with Russia, China and numerous others in our 'new' challenging situation.

That is one area where current US President Trump has challenged the nations. Many of us don't pay nearly enough when you look at military spendings as an isolated element.

No one has challenged that view. Quite odd, actually.

Military spending is one element. Education is another. No military entity can get human resources if people aren't well educated to begin with. Therefore, you can't isolate military spendings as you could marketing expenses in a company. That is just one of the elements that Donald J Trump is missing when he speaks on global matters.

Another very important aspect in the happenings this weekend has been the question of caring for our environment and lessening the burden on climate change. In this area the US President seems to be ready to jump from an agreement, and thus takes on a view very similar to what we criticized when it was done by China.

Let's be honest.

We can have no economic growth if it happens at the expense of our common planet.

You can't spend your $, € or £ anywhere if you can't breathe, can you? :-)

We must therefore come together, all nations united, to fight pollution. I would even argue that we can gain more common ground by cooperating than we ever could by generating an arms-race as we did before the Berlin Wall was torn down.

Those all-important aspects MUST be at the forefront of global politics. Even though it might require some hard words to convince US President Trump, it needs to be said. We can't ignore this, and IF we do, we will pay a huge price - as will our kids and grandkids. It's now or never!

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