Wednesday, April 5, 2017

World War III

Some people are speculating whether a World War III is imminent. There are many reasons why this is pure speculation, even though rhetoric is sharpening between superpowers. We should be able to settle scores without the use of weapons, but some people are bent on creating divisions rather than building bridges.

One important aspect in creating global peace is the realization that real peace isn't only the mere absence of war. That is just a temporary truce. Real peace requires cooperation, and I think all superpowers realize that there would be no winners in any global war - especially not if any nuclear weapons were ever put into play.

Lines are sharpening, and that rhetoric could be dangerous, especially if powers that ARE bent on world domination were to get nuclear capabilities.

We must focus on building bridges, and I am quite sure world leaders know they should focus on solving problems rather than creating them. Even at a time when America is showing muscles, there is only one real hope, and that is that their President is only in power for ONE four-year term. He can insult dozens of people in mere minutes.

What has taken years to build in terms of diplomatic relations is being broken every single day by tweets that lack quite a bit in solid politics, and I think most people can see that. At least I hope they can.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you have special views on this? Your comments are welcome. :-)

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Henrik V Blunck said...

The airstrike last night against Syria is one other indication that something is terribly wrong in the Trump administration. How can ANYONE believe the US is above getting UN backing for any military action BEFORE such an attack?

This is so utterly foolish, and even though Russia, England and France were forewarned about this before the bombing, it is STILL a question of law. Once law isn't respected, the real madness begins!

Anyone that wants the American dream back can look forward to election day when Trump can be kicked out of the White House. Never has there ever been such a disrespectful President in office. It is such a shame. I look forward to his stepping down, and I won't ever set foot on US soil as long as he is President in America!!!

International law MUST be respected if we want to claim we are civilized people.