Monday, March 27, 2017

Could April Fool's Day Be The Day Trump Is Said to Resign?

Could April Fool's Day be the day when Trump is announced as though having resigned? We know people are prone to believe what they hope for. We have seen this numerous times on social media, and it would be quite fair to say he has been a very unpopular President thus far.

Even long-time Republican voters are upset. Only a small core of Trumpers remain believers that he could Make America Great Again. Most others are watching with some wonder as to how little political sense he makes...

We all know people are very split on this subject. Politics has always been an area of life that could move people into action, but it has never been as serious as what we are currently seeing. Things are really moving ahead with bickering in every corner on social media - and even his staunchest proponents are starting to get directly MAD at people who voice their disagreement with him.

Truly a sign of desperation if you ask me. :-)

As I wrote in my last article, we need a global political reboot, and we need to find common ground everywhere. But I do believe many journalistic sources will lie on April Fool's Day because they know people have hoped for his resignation ever since he set foot in The White House on January 20th 2017. Believe it or not, it's only 66 days ago. Two months and a week...

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