Saturday, February 18, 2017

Good to Hear NATO Is Seeking to Improve Relations With Russia

It was a very positive thing to hear current Secretary General Stoltenberg mention that NATO is seeking to improve relations with Russia. We are NOT at odds with Russia. Our war is against terrorism and the major unrest in Afghanistan, Syria and any other nation willing to host people who want to destroy democracy.

We should in fact be UNITED with Russia in that war.

It is quite interesting that humans have two ears and one mouth. Yet, we often spend much more time speaking instead of listening. If we had taken bilateral conversations with President Putin, we would have understood far more about how to work together.

But we forgot to think. We want snappy solutions, and in that endeavour we ended up on worse terms with a nation that could help in this war on terrorism.

Therefore, it is highly encouraging that Stoltenberg said these words. It does indicate that not everyone has been hit by the Trump-virus of wanting to insult anyone and everyone on the planet. :-)

Have a nice weekend everyone. :-)

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