Thursday, January 12, 2017

Which Is Most Tragic - A President-Elect Mocking the Press, or Financial Markets Reacting on Autopilot?

One has to ask this important question: Which is most tragic - a President-Elect who mocks the press, or financial markets reacting on autopilot? Shares have plummeted in the medicinal industry after President-Elect Donald J Trump stating he wants to renegotiate medicinal expenses. It bids the question: is this sane?

Let's face it: many shares are dealt on autopilot. A very dangerous path to go when you deal with a shortsighted focus. If financial markets are going to react according to every new idea that come to mind with Trump, it's going to be a busy time ahead... :-)

Nothing has changed. America needs medicine like all other countries. No amount of negotiating is ever going to change that.

When Trump is sworn in as President, an even worse perspective is ahead.

At the press conference, he specifically said that 'it never happened' in reference to the intelligence information, so IF such information is leaked after January 20th, Trump will have indicted himself by his own words.

It won't be a question of whether he will be impeached. He will have caused it all by his own words, so if journalists had listened carefully, they would have heard the important point of that press conference. He will be a one-term President if such information surfaces. No one can accept a President that lies, so he better be right about that subject, because otherwise he will have committed political kamikaze even before entering 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Strange times are indeed ahead. It will be quite interesting to watch...

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