Monday, January 23, 2017

Politics Is Getting Nastier By the Day

All of us anticipated that the 45th President of America, Donald John Trump, would act differently as we came closer to inauguration. Now, after this event was finished on friday, things have only gotten worse. Now the discussion of how many actually CAME is an issue. What the heck is going on?

We are nearing a farce. Much like when John Cleese ran a hotel in the British comedy series Fawlty Towers, this is actually quite tragic. It is tragic because it's deadly serious business when we see how Trump offends every single person that dares to challenge his claims. Even worse, he does it from what should be the finest office on this planet.

Politics is no Twitter battle!

Politics can turn into military aggression!

Politics is getting nastier by the day, and people want none of it!

All of the above are important aspects when it comes to politics and how people see this area in life. People are offended by a President and his entourage like never before, and one can only guess what lies ahead in the coming four years.

When I recently likened Donald Trump to a live version of Underwood from House of Cards, I was even more correct than I ever thought. The sarcasm of Trump is an exact replica of Francis Underwood!

It's what makes House of Cards a damn good series, but in a live version it's no longer fun to watch!

I think we could do better. What are your thoughts?

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Henrik V Blunck said...

During this weekend, the G7 summit is also a farce.

Previously, we criticized China for not prioritizing the environment. After Trump entered the White House, it's now the US that won't recognize the value in green politics.

What a shock. That sure is no way to make America great again. It is a way of destroying our world...