Thursday, December 29, 2016

What a Sick World - Haven't We Learned Anything Yet?

Rumor has it that the Obama administration is going to announce sanctions against Russia because it is claimed the Democratic party was hacked and due to some of the leaks through Wikipedia. What is going on? Haven't we learned anything yet?

We had a so-called 'Cold War' for numerous decades because America and the former Soviet Union couldn't stand one another. When the Berlin Wall came down, it was thought we would have a New World Order with peace, prosperity and cooperation between former enemies.

The rhetoric has been sharpened quite a bit in recent years, ranging from claims of doping on a state level to all sorts of other claims - each one apparently more and more unbelievable.

Pardon my language, but why the heck should we have an international conflict just because some website or computer system might be suffering from poor security?

I repeat the question: Haven't we learned anything yet?

At a time when people all over the world are enjoying some days off from work due to X-mas celebrations, and anticipating a New Year Eve where we should all be looking ahead with positive minds, this seems totally off-course.

Is it just an attempt by a President on his way to packing down his two terms wanting to signal some power and muscle? Has this even been thought through? Do we realize the potential conseqiences of provoking Russia?

Living in Scandinavia, I can safely say that we are somewhat closer to what could transpire from this than any wiseguy over in America, and regardless of whether it is any sitting President or any President-Elect that wants to do something that seems far off, we reserve the RIGHT to speak out against the foolishness that began when Iraq was invaded.

It would seem far more relevant to shut down Quantanamo as promised almost a decade ago than to show muscles just because a President is leaving The White House in some twenty days...

Happy New Year. I hope we can see light ahead in 2017 instead of continuing in blind faith that anything that comes out of Washington DC should be somehow better than everything else. We NEED peace between all peoples, and it seems rather far-fetched that peace should come from increasing conflict. :-)

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Henrik V Blunck said...

I just tweeted these words: "I think it's fair to say Putin has a better grasp of international politics when he doesn't pay back on US decision to expel 35 diplomats" after hearing that President Putin won't respond at this time.
I think that is a very wise reaction. Obama is a President leaving office in some three weeks, and his action will now be part of his legacy.
This is very smart and brave - even given the fact that his own foreign minister had advised differently. I don't normally praise Vladimir Putin, but I must admit it's the best news at this time.
Happy New Year. :-)