Monday, December 12, 2016

Interesting Interview With Edward Snowden

I will say this straight away: I am no fan of Edward Snowden for many reasons. Namely because I don't know why there was so much controversy with the NSA when information about Echelon was released two decades ago, and was described in a book by two Danish journalists long ago.

But I will also say this: If you haven't seen the recent face to face interview with Edward Snowden, then I think you you spend the fifty minutes watching it right over here:

Mr. Snowden does make some valid points about surveillance, and most of us have long ago realized that George Orwell's book 1984 was nothing compared with the digital surveillance that has since been available to powers that be.

Some (including President-Elect Donald J Trump) consider Edward Snowden a traitor - others view him as a hero. I make no judgment on that, as I simply don't have all the facts to make a valid judgment on that. Besides, I am not a lawyer, and not an expert in US law. But the interview is interesting since it offers an inside view of the man behind all the recent events since he fled America.

Seasonal greetings to all, and a Happy New Year to everyone. :-)

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