Sunday, October 9, 2016

Just Under One Month to Election Day - Trump vs Clinton

Donald Trump has really messed up this time. A video surfaced that shows just how sexist Donald actually is. He has issues - no one can doubt this. You would never speak that way even when joking or having fun at a drinking party, would you? That type of sexist speaking IS far beyond the normal limits of common decent behavior. Election day is less than a month away...

What is far worse are the many people who support Trump. What have they eaten? How can they defend such words?

I fully understand the 30+ Republican people who have openly withdrawn their support for Trump. He quite simply isn't worthy of becoming President in America. You can't make a superpower great again by talking women down. He may have his own private issues, but he should have sought professional help for this long ago - and certainly before ever applying for becoming a candidate for the Republican party.

We all acknowledge Hillary Clinton has met her fair share of opposition - both during her long career, but certainly also in this election.

The claims she lacked 'stamina' as Trump put it were laughable! Mrs. Clinton has met chiefs of state all over the world, and she has impressed quite a few of them who can attest to the fact that she was a strong Secretary of State. She was by all means just as effective as Condoleezza Rice was - and even Madeleine Albright, who was the first woman to hold that position.

Donald Trump exhibits a sexist attitude towards women, and I am quite confident he will see a drop in his proponents after this. You can't dismiss it as just a ten year old video. You can't have that type of sexist attitude combined with the numerous cases of sexism put forward without something being very wrong. As we say here in Denmark you don't have smoke unless there is a fire. That fire is bigotry, and the Republican party is busy trying to lessen the destruction his campaign has caused.

That is what happens when you think politics is 'just' a reality show. When you put a provocateur at the helm of a party, you risk losing the game, and that lesson is one the Republican party will remember for the next elections in 2020 and beyond. In that sense, they did get a lesson - but it might end up being an expensive one to digest for Republicans on both a national and a state level.

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Henrik V Blunck said...

I have no doubts Trump felt he stopped the bleeding after the release of the video, but from a neutral perspective he was very offensive in the way he broke into replies from Mrs. Clinton - and almost deaf when moderators informed him he had passed his two minute answering time.

Well, on that note Mrs. Clinton was also rather lengthy in some of her replies.

This is difficult. Many of the blows from Trump were probably accepted by his proponents at face value, yet fact-checking would indicate he made quite a few false allegations.

We need more respect in politics. This is truly bad karma for our kids to watch. Let us get decency back into politics!