Saturday, September 10, 2016

Filipino President Duterte Insults

I will have to praise President Obama for handling this situation very well. Being insulted requires a good and positive attitude. Put bluntly, it would be a big challenge for a man like Trump, because he could very well be tempted to reply in the same attitude as the insult...

These are the words from Filipino President Duterte

Statesmen should be better than this. :-)

Anyway, a lack of willingness to discuss human rights from the part of the Philippines is a continuation of excatly the same problems as when Marcos ruled the country. Imelda (the wife) became known for having literally hundreds of expensive shoes - and the issue of both corruption and political instability when compared with democratic ideals will be issues in the future, whether Duterte likes it or not.

Have a nice weekend everyone. :-)

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