Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Reckoning - Article in TIME August 22nd 2016

Picture of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J Trump
Picture source: snopes.com
You should definitely buy the coming issue of TIME if you want a good and thorough analysis of Donald Trump and his campaign. The article is written by Alex Altman, Philip Elliott and Zake J Miller, and these four pages are really worth reading for anyone interested in politics.

As a regular subscriber of this magazine I was greatly encouraged by the thoroughness presented, and it prompted me to make a comment with the following words:
Trump vs. Clinton
The Reckoning (August 22) was an excellent article. Trump is a classical example of bigotry, xenophobia and bad communication skills from a man whose fear of losing to a woman has caused him to run a campaign that is such a travesty towards everything that was formerly associated with being Republican. His failures in business are probably also caused by the system being 'rigged' - and the day he reckons with his personal responsibility as an individual is the day he should read this issue of Time, because then a better Donald Trump could surface.
I believe it will be VERY interesting to see what happens in November on Election Day, and hope you will add your comment also once you have read the article.

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