Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Ban on Burkinis on French Beaches - What People Aren't Telling You...

A lot of things have changed in France. Ten years ago when we went to France on vacation, we quickly noticed that security guards in supermarkets were mainly of African decent. At first we thought it was because they were well-toned in local gyms, and therefore able to do a civil arrest when someone went against normal decency rules.

When we visited friends, they told us that this was due to claims of racism. Shops had therefore decided they should hire people with a skin color that wouldn't attract such a claim, and therefore most security guards are either of African or Arab skin color.

Now, the debate on burkini bans has reached CNN as though France is an intolerant country towards Muslims - and they certainly aren't. Not in ANY way whatsoever. At least not when you talk to the average French man or woman. The average French man and woman respect diversity.

I know some will then mention right-wing nationalist Front National to claim Frenchmen are xenophobes - and that can just as easily be said of any other country. I don't think Americans want to be identified with Trump wanting to expel any and all Muslims, or Danish Poeple's Party's insisting upon border control as though that was the view of all Danes. You can find right- and left-wing politics in ALL countries.

Let's be clear on this.

IF there is to be a change in French laws, that is an issue for the French political system. At least, they aren't discriminating anyone. It's the same rules for everyone. Their concept of being a non-religious society is just as 'discriminatory' against Jews and Christians - if you consider France as discriminatory against Muslims that is...

I have great respect for all nationalities and creeds, but I fail to see the relevance for non-citizens messing into other countries' laws. :-)

I enjoy sunbathing naked, but can't do so on a majority of beaches. Some may even jokingly say they are happy about that, but I don't run around claiming discrimination because it has been decided that I should wear boxer shorts or swimming clothes, do I?

It would be nice if ALL people could live peacefully with each other rather than instigating hate towards one another at every first chance. We won't achieve peace by shouting at each other, but only when we begin to understand one another. Conflict is no solution - even though not that many people are focusing on THAT aspect of the burkini debate...

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Henrik V Blunck said...

The Supreme Court has today ruled against the ban according to a Danish news station, and that is encouraging in the sense that legal thinkers are therefore rethinking what limits are correct. I would, however, repeat the wish that people would stop fighting and begin seeking positive communication and cooperation instead of conflict and demonstrations.
Have a nice weekend everyone