Monday, July 11, 2016

Theresa May - No Bullshit There...

I certainly applaud the clarity of speech from Theresa May who may be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom within a matter of days now. She was for remaining in the EU, but she has taken the referendum seriously, and that is nice at a time when 27 member nations are defining Brexit as though it was almost Armageddon...
It might be time to refresh our collective memory. When Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, she was known as the Iron Lady. She didn't have any tolerance towards bullshit either.

It is quite strange to see that proponents of staying in the EU in numerous countries are silent when it comes to actually naming the benefits of remaining. They discuss many subjects which have nothing to do with the actual core of a United Europe. If Europe is to be united in a positive way, it should also be a union that listens to the people.

We NEED a strong Europe, yet leadership is totally unaware of what is required to become more democratic - very probably because their settings have been a city within the city of either Bruxelles or Strassbourg. They only mingle with people who agree with them, and therefore they have lost any and all sense of what is important to people living on average incomes around Europe.

The effects of free movement are seen all over Europe. East European chauffeurs who move heavy trucks without paying ANY regard towards driving rest rules. That should be stopped. Similarly, it's about time that the European Union stops long treaties with hundreds of paragraphs. Get a strong perspective on what you want to achieve, and let's have a website that CLEARLY explains what the EU is all about - in their own words. No bullshit - just plain and simple statements on what they want to achieve in a language that can be understood by the average worker. That would create a popular atmosphere for an expansion of a European Union with populations backing it up.

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