Friday, July 15, 2016

The Attack on Nice Yesterday

What should have been a day of celebration turned into a day of mourning in Nice, France. A truck drove into the crowd costing dozens of lives. The final numbers are still being determined. At least 84 killed and numerous people wounded severely. What a tragedy!
It is difficult to express words about this attack on the Bastille Day, July 14th.

A dark day for Frenchmen - for the families who lost loved ones, and truly a tragedy that anyone can be so callous as to slaughter people in this manner.

France was just about to lift the state of emergency that was not set to be renewed on July 26th, but which will now be extended for at least three months.

Intensive investigations are being made into this crime of terror, and I do wish that the dark forces of terror will be stopped. In times like these, we are tempted to think the worst thoughts of revenge, but we need to remember all the good values that our western society is based upon, and we need to be reminded that the power of love and decency will always win over dark forces of indecency.

Warm thoughts and condolences to those who suffer in these days with these losses.

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