Sunday, May 22, 2016

House of Cards & World Politics

It's actually interesting, because at first I never paid any attention towards the tv-series House of Cards, but suddenly - when I tested Netflix for thirty days for free - I became interested since so many people have talked positively about House of Cards.

As a political nerd, the series is interesting, and already into the second chapter of the first season, you have to like Francis Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey. Much of it is, of course, fiction, but you all know the saying: "Sometimes, reality is stranger than fiction"...

When you give politics a reality check, you quickly notice how politics have a way of moving in a certain direction. In the old days, you could control some parts of the media, but a far more anarchistic version has come in the form of bloggers.

We sometimes speculate, and the powers that reign do read political blogs. They would never admit this openly, but of course what is going on in the blogosphere does arouse their interest to a certain extent. Especially blogs that are read by a lot of people - and then also blogs that offer new angles on current events.

Now, let me say right away, that I don't care about WHO reads this blog. Every reader is important. Whether it's the lady at the supermarket or a member of Congress doesn't matter. But YOU matter, because you have a democratic voice, so remember to use it all over the internet. Wisely, of course, but let your voices be heard so people pay attention.

Best of luck rocking the boat wherever you are. :-)

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