Sunday, May 15, 2016

Can't We Just Fellowship Without Politics For ONE Evening?

I have to ask this all-important question after Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest: can't we just fellowship without politics for one evening? We saw the votes from various countries, and it was rather thought-provoking to see that Russians didn't give any points to Ukraine, and Ukrainians didn't give any points to Russia.

We all understand the sentiments among some in Crimea after 2014, just as we understand the numerous other peoples all over the world who are challenged due to either civil unrest, wars, famines, drought etc. But can't we leave our differences aside for just one evening, dear friends?

The Eurovision Song Contest is supposed to be an evening of music and fellowship amongst all people, and therefore it is truly sad to see that national sentiments are starting to invade the world of music. Anyone familiar with previous song contests will remember that Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland have always had a tradition of sharing the bottom three points amongst each other. I realize this isn't any given, but at least it's what could be called common brotherly courtesy among nations that are so close to one another.

Personally, I had hopped Russia would have won, and my other votes went to Poland, France and Malta. Shame on me for saying so, but that was MY personal favorite list. You may have your own list. But at least we should be able to agree that Eurovision night is the one night where we stop grievances for ONE evening and enjoy the fellowship of music.

Best of luck to all who are going to Kiev at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. :-)

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