Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Candidate Websites - These Candidates Are Serious

In the coming US Elections, there are now 5 candidates left. Three fight for candidacy on the Republican side, and two are battling on the Democratic side. Today, I want to share their websites with you, dear readers, so you can make your decision based on an informed basis now that we are nearing final laps before both conventions.

On the Republican side you have three people battling for candidacy. They are:

Ted Cruz -
John Kasich -
Donald Trump -

On the Democratic side you have two people battling for candidacy. They are:

Hillary Clinton -
Bernie Sanders -

It is getting more and more exciting as each day passes. Best of luck to all in these final moments before convention time.


Henrik V Blunck said...

Update: Last night, Ted Cruz announced that he has now suspended his campaign.

Henrik V Blunck said...

Now that John Kasich has also suspended his campaign, it is virtually certain that Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate.