Wednesday, March 16, 2016

US Elections Are Moving Ahead

After yet another Super Tuesday, the field is narrowing on the Republican side. It is still a battle between Cruz, Kasich and Trump - on the Democratic side it is appearing pretty clear Hillary Clinton will win over Bernie Sanders.
Bush and Rubio will be missed now that the latter decided to end his campaign. It seems like many of the candidates have truly been demoralized by the negative campaign tone in the Republican race.

It is going to be a strong battle once the final candidates are in place. It is no secret that the team behind Hillary Clinton has already changed its focus over towards Trump. Highlighting all his flaws is no difficulty as he continues to shoot himself in the foot.

This is even done to such an extent that many Republicans are pondering whether they should start a third party. I fully understand them. The last serious candidate, John Kasich, is last in the race, and any other candidate than Trump is needed to stop the discomfort surrounding this election.

What are your thoughts in this?

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