Saturday, February 20, 2016

US Elections Getting Nastier By the Day

As you may remember I mentioned Donald Trump at the end of last year. If you didn't read the article, click the title: Donald Trump Is At It Again...

Trump made many other statements in the last couple of months. He wants to build a wall towards Mexico, he speaks out against virtually anything, even Apple. He hasn't read my article Apple IS Right On This One on my Apple-blog - and he probably wouldn't get it either. His statement isn't about Apple or backing up the Feds. For Donald Trump the whole deal is about provoking other people, so he can afterwards say: "This is what I said. People don't like me!"

For anyone who has seen both the British documentary on his previous marriages and seen all the other documentaries, even support from Sarah Palin is a joke. :-)

When you look at Governors Kasich and Bush, you see a real alternative - people with brains. It is no good sign that Trump is in the lead against these two gentlemen, because they are the only ones who have a chance at making good progress in the upcoming elections this year. How any woman could vote for a sexist pig as Donald Trump is a real mystery to me. It tells quite a bit about just how much there still is to do for equality between the sexes to work. No woman should ever go through the ugly words from DJT as was reported in one of the documentaries. He trampled on these ladies, and I admit to having strong sentiment against this.

On the Democratic side, the fight is between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and Sanders has already stated that if he isn't elected President, he will emmigrate to Denmark.

Living in Denmark I can safely say he may be welcome in many ways, but he is really incredible. To me he seems like a loose cannon, ready to fire at anything that he doesn't like at any time without any real strategy. Oh, he likes to say "Wall street doesn't like me" and other emotional slogans, but all he appears to be is a grumpy man.

The worst possible election would be if Bernie Sanders were to oppose Donald Trump, because then the only thing we would know is that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would be invaded by a grumpy man when Obama leaves The White House. :-)

Regardless of who wins the Republican nomination, one thing is sure. The Democrats will win IF Hillary Clinton wins the nomination. She is going to be the first Mrs. President in US history, and that is worth appreciating.

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