Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Syria - Hoping for Peace

I think it's fair to say we all hope for peace. Not 'just' in Syria, but global peace is such an evasive idea - almost utopia. Why is it that human beings can send satellites to far away areas in space, yet fail to realize what contitues peace?

Why do we believe peace is 'just' the absence of war?

Have you ever pondered this?

So many wish for - in fact want - peace, yet so few actually make the effort to prepare for peace. It all begins in the minds of people who want different things. When democracy and negotiations aren't enough, they start demonstrating and protesting - and sooner than most realize they end up fighting.

What is fought for is rarely of the same dimensions as what started the conflict...

It is so sad, and one can only hope that the UN will recapture the original idea of global peace. We can't afford to overlook this once again. The planet doesn't need a third world war!

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