Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Donald Trump Is At It Again...

If you read the article found here: http://mashable.com/2015/12/08/donald-trump-close-up-internet/#hLGEFbP59qq7 you will see that Donald Trump has suggested both that all Muslims are denied entry into the US, and is suggesting getting in touch with "Bill Gates and a lot of different people that really understand what's happening" in an effort to close up parts of the internet.

It is ironic, bordering on the ridiculous, that Bill Gates was in fact the man who just 22 years ago (in 1993) indicated that the internet was just 'hype' and that Microsoft wasn't really interested in it. Donald Trump probably only remembers the little icon in his toolbar that allows him to click the Internet Explorer, and now Edge...

Donald Trump is the kind of guy you don't want on your team. Being approved by him is a real anti-magnet. He's the kind of player you are more than willing to give to the opposing team, because he keeps getting into bad publicity, and he really doesn't think before he talks.

First of all, what would happen to international relations, if the idea of banning all Muslims entry into the US? How could the US do business with anyone? Well, he was only talking about asylum seekers, some would object... Please, dear reader, don't insult the intelligence of Arab businessmen. It is in no way interesting whether a business partner is Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu or even an atheist. You are not dealing with his religion.

Similarly, the notion that CEOs are experts is unfounded. We all know Donald Trump is proud of what he has achieved, and I will admit this much. He should be proud. He has created a big business, but many of us wonder how that has ever happened. He must have a lot better business talent than his speaking abilities indicate. He is like an elephant in a china shop when it comes to dealing in politics, and I can once again only repeat that the Democratic party must be happy if Republicans elect him as the opponent to Hillary Clinton, because he is his own worst enemy.

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