Friday, November 27, 2015

What Is Happening in Turkey?

I was somewhat shocked this evening when Turkish leader Erdogan ranted against Russia. His threats seem quite bizarre when you consider the fact that it was the Turks who shot down the Russian fighter plane. Putin has reacted very mildly, but must feel quite provoked by this behavior...

Even worse, Turkey is a member of NATO, and that necessitates a clear message from NATO allies as to the alliance being a defensive union. If we begin to preach aggression from one or more member nations, the whole project is doomed for failure.

I wrote the following comment on Twitter:
If Erdogan wants to threaten Russia, it might be time for NATO countries to consider Turkey outside of #NATO

I think it's time to take a deep breath of fresh air!

No one should escalate this situation, and Erdogan needs to apologize for this behavior. It is wrong. I don't care what interests he tried to serve. He is causing great damage to an otherwise improving atmosphere with Russia, and the weeks ahead will be highly explosive if this is allowed to continue without any reaction from fellow European nations.

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