Tuesday, November 10, 2015

College Rapes - Hillary Will Have to Deal With This

I just watched a translation of the CNN documentary The Hunting Ground which will air on Thursday, November 19 at 9:00pm ET/PT. In Danish this documentary was entitled "Voldtaget af elitens sønner" - meaning raped by sons of the elite.

The documentary is sickening. The very thought that administrators at colleges view their colleges as brands, and try to avoid lawsuits or criminal indictment by even discouraging reporting to Police IS not only illegal. It is shameful to ever disavow women faced by such assaults - and sexual misconduct also takes place against men...

Colleges range from Berkeley in California, University of North Carolina (UNC) to even Harvard - at even such a place as the law department. Just imagine if such a graduate is taken in to interview a person, and then assaults that person, because he was used to doing this while going to college? Many would be tempted to trust the words of a Harvard graduate - and such a pig takes advantage of that.

I am truly shocked by this documentary!

This program is really very shocking to put it mildly. Rape should NEVER be accepted or swept under the carpet! When a person says NO that means NO. No ifs or buts. No means NO.

I hope this dereliction of duty will be punished severely by federal entities. It goes against all rules of decency - and even the American dream - to treat others in this manner...

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