Thursday, October 22, 2015

United States of America - Soon Coming Elections

In the soon-coming elections in the United States of America, much will depend upon who becomes the Republican candidate. Personally, I would have liked Condoleeza Rice or Sarah Palin. Let's face it: it's only one of these two ladies who stands a chance against Hillary Clinton.

Confused Republicans may be looking at Donald Trump, but he's a joke. As I have written before, he is his own worst enemy, and if the coming elections should have any meaning, people need to stop their discussions of private e-mail accounts and other minor details in a failed attempt to miscredit Hillary.

Mrs. Clinton is a lady who has taken a stand FOR her family. She backed up a husband who cheated on her - crazy for some, but a very loving act for others. Her private life has already been exposed for all to see. There is nothing more to be found...

Let's be honest. I was her greatest critic when she ran against then-Senator Barack Obama. I felt Obama had something new to offer to the world. His promises seemed honest, and he appeared as exactly the man needed to do the job. Now, almost 8 years later, I would have to admit that much of it was fluffy air. I hope Hillary does get a chance, because America needs their first female President.

Change must come to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and Republicans should focus on politics if they want a chance at getting into that address.

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