Monday, October 26, 2015

Elections in Poland

Poland just held elections, and it seems like there is going to be a change in the system of governance. That is going to be rather interesting, and certainly the new signals in connection with refugees from Syria is quite understandable in a country that is still suffering from economic uncertainty.

I recently visited the city of Szezcin when I had my teeth treated - which is a lot cheaper than in Denmark - and prices are much lower in Poland, and buildings are still suffering from the numerous years under communist regime. They ARE doing a lot to renovate, but the economy IS scarce, and therefore the priority is clear: getting their own system up-to-date, and then you can begin to offer more help.

A country that has been abandoned by the west, the scars are still open. But it is nice to see that they are growing, and that tolerance towards people is fine. They are a very welcoming society, even for tourists who haven't yet learned their language. :-)

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