Tuesday, September 29, 2015

World Leaders: Why Is It So Difficult to See the Big Picture?

It sometimes does amaze me to see how difficult it seems to be to see the big picture for world leaders. We have a unique chance to bring about real harmony in this world after East and West joined forces in so many ways. Admittedly, Russia did have an issue with Ukraine at the peninsula of Krim, but Russia has changed so very much since the days when Reagan stood in Berlin, and said the now historic words: "Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

Over a quarter of a century later, the challenges facing world leaders is not between Communism and free market economy, it isn't between differing ideological nuances. The real challenge is to end hunger and analfabetism. Once people have an improved level of education, it is presumable that they will start USING their skills, rather than spending their free hours chasing food and stomping on one another as we have seen in wars and fighting one another - even amongst themselves...

The US have made a big mistake in thinking that we should just 'preach' the message of democracy, and then that would solve everything. Even invading countries to take down national leaders, in the name of freedom... Syria is a classic example of such a clash between ideologies. Let's face it: those in power in dictatorial countries are AFRAID of losing their influence, and that lies at the core of the problem. We shouldn't force an ideology upon them, but should have worked much more actively with such leaders. Cuba was never resolved with embargoes, was it? :-)

Case in point. We know these things, but we fail to acknowledge them, because we are so preoccupied with all other aspects of making our busy lives match the hours of the day. We all get 24 hours every day, but it is very different how we spend those hours. We focus out attention on productivity, and much less on moral values nowadays. Some hate to talk about it, simply because they KNOW something IS definitely wrong with the order of the day.

Everyone is dreaming of a new world order - one filled with harmony and peace between all peoples. But some would HATE that utopia, because where would they have to channel their anger towards. Isn't that a bit strange?

Life has, for me, brought about quite a change in perspective. Previously, I could get all heated up about many aspects in politics. But nowadays, I realize that the values of Buddhism could resolve much of it. There is no deity in Buddhism - but there IS a principle of dealing honestly and respectfully with everyone, regardless of politics, the color of people's skin or THEIR choice of religion. You want to be a Christian - fine. You want to be a Muslim - fine. You want to be a Taoist - fine. I think you all get the picture, right? :-)

We never bring about peace by forcing our opinions down other people's throats. It requires a cooperation between minds to achieve that goal, and as long as we deny this, we won't solve these issues... You can also see this in the UN assembly. People preach their world views, and now that some of these meetings are transmitted on television on some news channels, it is becoming evident that the very people we thought would be working for our common good, is doing the exact opposite.

I hope this will change someday. By speaking out against this, an important first step is taken, but I fear a lot of people have simply stopped listening, and that is so tragic. We have never before had such chances at really making it, and yet we fail to admit our own faults. We do so and so, because Mr. So and so did so and so.... Kindergarten all over again!

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